Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A New Blog

I have become a big fan of Savage Worlds roleplaying game  by Pinnicle Entertainment and have been playing it for many years now.  I have played in multiple settings both home-brewed as well as published.  In this time I have gotten many ideas and tremendous joy from reading other's posts about their ideas and actual play so now I thought I might try to do this as well.  This is my first time attempting such an endeavor but I know I have really loved and appreciated all the time, thoughts and devotion from others undergoing this same endeavor and I hope to do the same.

I will inform everyone up front, I am no English major nor am I a professional writer.  In fact I'm soundly rooted in the hard sciences, so I will likely not have the most illustrious of descriptions and there will likely be many typos and misspellings but I still hope those can be looked past so that my thoughts and adventures might prove to be beneficial to others and fun for others to read.  I will also admit, that this isn't just for your benefit either.  I wish to see what outside viewers reading this will think of my ideas and hopefully receive even more ideas from the comments and feedback.

Having said that, I am busy and won't be able to put up the actual plays very quickly however if you do like the posts and find them interesting and want more, leave comments because that will spur me on faster.  If I don't receive feedback and comments, then I will assume that there is not interest and I will let this idea go to the wayside as I then decide to focus my attention on other things. 

The majority of these posts will be about actual plays from an ongoing campaign based upon the setting 50 Fathoms focusing on the plot point campaign found in the back.  This means that while reading this, there will be spoilers related to the setting and the plot point compaing so read at your own risk.

The final thing I have to say is that this campaign has been ongoing now for over a year and a half and at tje beginning I took good notes and even started a few write-ups of the adventures.  Later on, those write-ups might not contain quite as much detail.  Either way, this might make it more difficult to remember some details, both in my posts and if anyone has any specific questions related to the events that occur.  I will do my best to answer questions but if I say I do not remember, it is not because I didn't want to answer you but just because I decided to try write about the adventure many years later.

So without Further adieu, I shall begin the tale of my gaming group as they undergo their 50 Fathoms of Adventure in the next post.